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Hi, I’m Blake Horton of The Blake Diet. In my late 20’s, I ate my way from 180 lbs to 238 lbs. Just before I turned 30, I decided to make a change. I basically crash dieted and worked out a lot, losing 30 lbs really fast. I was so excited to watch the numbers drop on the scale not realizing weight loss doesn’t necessarily mean fat loss. I ended up skinny fat, realized I lost a bunch of lean mass along with only some fat and I felt defeated. I was so unhappy with the way I looked after losing 30 pounds that I just said screw it and gained most of the weight back. I wanted to be muscular and have abs which seemed impossible at my age but the following spring I decided to give the weight loss thing one last try.

I did my research on how to lose fat without losing muscle. Then started with tracking calories and eating small meals spread out throughout the day. Because that’s what all the “fit” people were doing. I was making steady progress and really starting to look how I originally wanted to look, however I was always starving, watching the clock, waiting for my next meal and lost my very active social life in the process. I remember reading about intermittent fasting where you get to eat larger meals and no longer get hungry while losing weight which I thought was complete bullshit, but started doing a ton of research and it was compelling enough to risk it for a greater reward. I had basically had it with being miserable just to look good.

I found some intermittent fasting info in different places and really questioned everything. I didn’t follow anyone’s intermittent fasting plan in particular because a lot of the things everyone said made no logical sense to me. I was also learning about flexible dieting at the time where you get to lose weight and be healthy while eating the foods you enjoy. I started carefully testing out intermittent fasting and flexible dieting in September 2013. Sure as shit, I was getting more and more shredded while no longer getting hungry and eating massive meals with the foods I enjoyed! I quickly pushed my testing to the limits, doing many things which broke the rules of every intermittent fasting program and article I’ve come across.

I built up a large Instagram following by sharing my cooking and eating videos with my massive creative meals and everyone was coming to me about how to do intermittent fasting my way. They could see I was enjoying myself while making body composition progress and I was following my own lead. So many people were hounding me to give them all the details on how to do my diet, so I eventually made the best “How To” Intermittent Fasting Video you’ll find. I made sure the info I put in it would be timeless. I debunk fasting and dieting myths and tell you what really matters. And I give you all the options to make it fit your lifestyle. The point of intermittent fasting is to make your life easier while managing your diet. And everyone else is making people do a bunch of unnecessary stuff for no benefit.

So many people have told me that my rules and ways of doing things are so much more flexible and different than everyone else’s intermittent fasting program, I shouldn’t be calling it intermittent fasting. Many people started calling it The Blake Diet. And it really is. It’s a diet with principles I’ve found and solidified through years of my own personal testing. Welcome to The Blake Diet.

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