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"Slimming down and getting more muscle tone on my legs since upping my calories in a matter of 4 days. I’m amazed. Thank you Blake for the recommendation."
-Denise V.
"I was 6’ 219lbs. I'm still 6’ and 183lb now. I didn’t gain any new muscle. It was all there. Covered in fat tho."
-Grady M.
"Your videos helped me (eat what I wanted pretty much) and unlocked something within myself that was lying dormant for a long time. Needless to say that shit works! Money well spent! Thank you!"
-Sgt. Jones
"Thanks Blake! Down 60lbs in 1.5 years!
"Body by Blake!!! Not done yet only 4 months doing IF.... Started at 272lbs now down to 230lbs"
-Yoram R.
"I lost 20 lbs and only exercised 20-30 minutes a day!"
-Daniel W.
"I lost 140lbs eating donuts."
"49 pounds difference in this photo. Not where I want to be yet, but definitely better than where I was."
-Daniella S.
"I'm down about 40 lbs. I was 6 months post party and 165lbs. Now I fluctuate between 120-175lbs. Your diet is the only thing that helped. I tried everything!"