One Fat Loss Diet to Rule Them All

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I would argue that there are three things 99% of people want: more money, the love of a  significant other, and an easy fat loss diet for a hot body. I certainly can’t give you the winning lottery numbers, then again if I had them I wouldn’t share anyway. I don’t moonlight as a diaper-wearing, bow and arrow toting, cloud dwelling cherub of love (aka cupid) either. What I can do is walk you through the ultimate fat loss diet and have you ready for that next tinder date in no time.

A quick primer on intermittent fasting as a fat loss diet. First and foremost, intermittent fasting works by limiting the amount you will eat or can eat throughout the day. For a fat loss diet, this is essential. Simply put, assuming you sleep for eight hours and are awake for 16, most people will eat two to three meals throughout the day and snack in between. With fasting, we limit the eating window to eight of those waking hours or less. This, in turn, creates a caloric deficit which is the lynchpin of any fat loss diet. Ultimately, there’s only so much you can eat in an eight-hour window as opposed to a 16-hour window.

Attacking the Fat Loss Diet Enemy From Both Sides

Intermittent fasting as a fat loss diet has an added benefit of not only limiting calories but also spiking your body’s internal furnace to burn additional calories. In a 2014 study, individuals who were using intermittent fasting as a fat loss diet lost 8% body weight over the course of 24 weeks.1 I can already see that little hamster in your mind turning the wheel and begging the question, “how do we know it’s not just water weight or worse, muscle loss?”

I see your fat loss diet question and I raise you a very well researched fat loss diet answer. A separate study piggybacked off of the 2014 fat loss diet study and found those individuals to have lost 4%-7% of their waist circumference. This points very clearly to the shrinking of very stubborn and ultimately harmful belly fat. It is clear that intermittent fasting is an incredibly effective fat loss diet.3

Fat Loss Diet For Preserving Muscle

“What about my gainz bruh?” If you’ve ever flipped through old copies of Muscle & Fitness or watched classic documentaries like our buddy Arnold’s ‘Pumping Iron’, you will find the tried and true ‘bulking phase’ followed by a cutting phase. The cutting phase was the classic fat loss diet.

For Bodybuilders and gym rats (my apologies gym rats), this is a sound fat loss diet but for those of us who haven’t made a career out of working out, this strategy is too cumbersome and too time-consuming to be an effective fat loss diet. Ideally, we need a fat loss diet that burns the stuff we don’t want and preserves the precious muscle we do want.

Intermittent fasting as a fat loss diet has been shown to preserve muscle. Yes, I am in fact about to quote another study. An eight-week study took 34 well-trained males and split them into intermittent fasting and normal dieting. After eight weeks, both groups showed to have not lost any strength or lean body mass. The most important statistic showed the intermittent fasting group lost 3.5 pounds of excess fat making this an incredibly effective fat loss diet.2

There you have it, the ideal fat loss diet.


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