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I tried everything. I ended up skinny fat.

Blake Horton prior to losing weight with Intermittent Fasting.

One of the few photos I have of myself before I finally got my dream body.

If you're here you have probably tried losing weight and failed.

You aren't alone.

I was just like you.

I tried every diet I could get my hands on and at thirty I finally found something that worked... sort of.

I ended up skinny fat.

Then I lost all hope.

Sound familiar?

Discouraged, I thought I'd never lose weight.

I gave up.

I moved on.

A year went by. I was unhappy and didn't know what to do.

Fast forward to my 31st birthday. I began to reevaluate my life (the way birthdays do).

I was in the same place I was the year before.

Zero progress.

What had I done with my time?

Something needed to change. I just prayed this time it would work.

I decided to take action.

That's when my life finally changed.

I went back to what I knew:

  • 5-6 meals a day
  • Tupperware
  • chicken & broccoli.

I lived for the clock. My social life was non-existent.

All I could think about was when I could eat next.

Then one day I forgot.

I realized I hadn't eaten all day.

I felt great.

What had I stumbled upon? Could it really work?

Eat What You Want & Love Your Life

Blake Horton Intermittent Fasting Transformation @Blake_201

I lost 60lbs after 30. I eat the food I want and prioritize my social life with zero guilt.

That's when everything changed.

I had energy when I worked out.

I stopped stressing about meal timing.

I started eating the food I loved.

I got the body I always dreamed of.

I love my life.

You can too!

How do you see your dream body?

If you've ever wanted to lose weight, gain control over your diet, and enjoy the process, then this is the diet for you. Join our community. Get results. Feel proud and confident of your new look.

Let's go!

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Why Join The Blake Diet?

You have to make that decision.

I can't make it for you.

But I can tell you this: If you have ever wanted to take control of your eating and get the body of your dreams, this is the path for you.

I've taken all of the knowledge I've gained over the last six years of Intermittent Fasting and coaching thousands of people just like you.

Our community of Blake Dieters hold each other accountable and support each other. If you've ever tried this on your own, you know just how hard it can be. You don't have to.

For Only $1/Day you Get Supprot & Accountability

For less than a value item at your favorite fast food restaurant, you can set yourself up for success.

You aren't alone. Get the support you need for $1/day.

learn the rules of the fat loss game.

Have you ever tried to play a board game with someone who knew the rules better than you? It's not fair.

Dieting is like that. Learn the rules. Win.

Change Your Life Forever

The only thing between you and your dream body is a decision.

Will you invest in your self and set yourself up to succeed?

Does The Blake Diet Actually Work?

Absolutely! Check out some of our transformations.
"Slimming down and getting more muscle tone on my legs since upping my calories in a matter of 4 days. I’m amazed. Thank you Blake for the recommendation."
-Denise V.
"I was 6’ 219lbs. I'm still 6’ and 183lb now. I didn’t gain any new muscle. It was all there. Covered in fat tho."
-Grady M.
"Your videos helped me (eat what I wanted pretty much) and unlocked something within myself that was lying dormant for a long time. Needless to say that shit works! Money well spent! Thank you!"
-Sgt. Jones
"Thanks Blake! Down 60lbs in 1.5 years!
"Body by Blake!!! Not done yet only 4 months doing IF.... Started at 272lbs now down to 230lbs"
-Yoram R.
"I lost 20 lbs and only exercised 20-30 minutes a day!"
-Daniel W.
"I lost 140lbs eating donuts."
"49 pounds difference in this photo. Not where I want to be yet, but definitely better than where I was."
-Daniella S.
"I'm down about 40 lbs. I was 6 months post party and 165lbs. Now I fluctuate between 120-175lbs. Your diet is the only thing that helped. I tried everything!"

Lose Fat. Feel Great. Eat The Food You Love.

You're one step away from changing your life.

For $1 a day you can have the life you've always dreamed of.

You are capable and I can help.

Learn to play the fat loss game and win.

Surround yourself with support and accountability.

Enjoy the process.

You deserve the body you've always wanted.

It's time to step up and take it.

You will win the fat loss game.

I know where you are. You can do this and I'm here to help. Join The Blake Diet today and unlock your potential.

I can't wait to meet you in our private members site, get to know you, and hear your success story.

You're going to crush it!

Let's go!

I'm Ready To Change My Life!